Why Structural High Performance Insulated Panels Are The BEST Choice!

PFF, SIPS are the Best Choice


PFF’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) are an innovative choice to meet domestic and international housing needs.



SASS’s SIPs are composed of composite-building materials that consist of a rigid foam core (expanded polystyrene) sandwiched between 26-gauge galvalume steel. PFF panels have been ASTM tested and UL fire-tested and are certified by the Florida Product Approval Commission, FL #13379 and FL #13381. PFF’s high-quality manufacturing process and panel composition makes our panels a superior product, as noted by obtaining Florida’s Product Approval.


SIP-built structures are better than traditional construction because they are:

  • · Structurally stronger than conventional stick-framed housing construction
  • · Erected quickly
  • · More energy efficient

The steel exterior layers combined with the rigid foam core is much stronger and replaces the framing, sheathing, insulation and vapor barrier associated with standard-frame built homes. SASS’s SIPs replace all of these standard housing components and, in most cases, our SIPs are structurally self-sufficient. SIPs can span longer distances, therefore reducing the amount of supports that may be needed in conventional housing design.

There is a great demand for worldwide housing needs, whether the needs are driven by natural disasters, poverty-stricken countries requiring assistance or the global initiative to become more eco-friendly, known as “green building.” Our structural insulated panels (SIPs) offer an alternative solution to a global problem. PFF‘s “Little Haiti House” has earned international recognition. This small modular home can be constructed in less than 2 hours.


The Slip-Joint Panel System is recognized as one of the most effective panel joining systems in the industry. Panels slip into place every time, making installation easy. The slip-joint panel system forms the edges of both surface skins which are bonded to the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core under pressure, using a two-part thermo-setting adhesive.